Into the woods



In the musical Into the woods a witch casts a curse upon a baker and his wife who want to become parents. The witch has the couple do various tasks so that the curse may be lifted, and the baker's wife can give birth. Many of the tasks involve fairytale characters such as Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. The baker and his wife do not want to do the tasks, but they will do anything to become a mother and father.

Fun Facts

  1. Into the woods has many versions including: The 1987 Broadway Production, The 1998 West end revival, and the upcoming 2014 Oregon Shakespeare Festival edition.
  2. All 6 of the versions of into the woods won a total of 16 awards.
  3. Only 4 main characters do not die: Cinderella, Jack, The baker, and Little Red Riding Hood.
  4. Jack stole many objects from the giant for him and his mom, Little Red Riding Hood believes that Jack is too scared to steal the harp, but he takes that too.
  5. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are ate by the wolf. Later on, the baker cuts open the wolf and frees them.

A few characters


Into the woods won many Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards. The opening 1987 version alone won 3 Tony awards and 4 Drama Desk Awards. Although many of the later versions of Inot the woods won awards, none of them won as many as the original.

Music in the musical

The composer for Into the woods is Stephen Sondheim. He wrote all the songs and lyrics for Into the woods and many other musicals. But Into the woods was his best performance: He was awarded with the Drama Desk Award Outstanding lyrics and the Tony Award's Best Original Score. In addition to giving many characters solos, he created the theme music too.