Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of January 11, 2016


Phonics Skill - We are learning about the word chunk of OR and ORE. Have fun finding this chunk in words are you read with your child this week.

Comprehension skill - This week are working on Facts and Opinions. Facts are statements which can be proven. Opinions are statements of feelings about a topic. We have been looking for opinion statements in books this week and see how the author supports their opinion with reasons. We have also been writing an opinion and supporting it with a reason. For example. I think a dog is a great pet because they will play ball with me. Have fun with your kiddos at home asking them their opinion on subjects and see what their reasons are for that opinion.

Here is a fun website to play with your kids to support fact and opinion learning.


fix, fixes, class, classes, wish,wishes, kiss, kisses, bus, buses

High Frequency - Words to Know how to read quickly and easily

away, car, friends, house, our, school, very


In math this week we are learning how to find a missing number, showing if math facts are true or false and lastly adding three numbers together.

Here are some fun games to support this learning....

Another game which is fun is to get a deck of cards. take the face cards and jokers out. You turn over two cards and say the sum. Your child turns over two cards and say the sum. Then discuss if they are equal or not.