Writing the Past

Changing the Future

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Why Are We Here?

Kathy Essmiller

Oklahoma State University



Technology: What, Why, How?

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Technology is a process through which problems are identified and solved.

Key Point and Why Care

“Power comes from self awareness, a clear message, and exemplifying best practice"

Your message is not measured at your ears, it is measured over there at their ears.

Articulate Key Point

Tuesday, June 11th, 9:30-9:45am

Fit on one PostIt Note

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PostIt Note Mayhem

Tuesday, June 11th, 9:45-10am

Throw Nothing Away

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Play With Recording Equipment

Tuesday, June 11th, 10-10:15am

Let's see what we can do!!!

Ted Talks in 8 Steps

Original TED goal was having people speak in an unscripted, unrehearsed way. No longer spontaneous, but “the practices meant to signify spontaneity are still with us”.
Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

3MP (Three Minute Presentation)

  • Say what you're going to say
  • Say it
  • Say what you said
Talk Your Way To Rough Draft

Generate transcript from admin panel

Let's Go!

Tuesday, June 11th, 10:45am

What's our goal?

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(For Students) Ask Three Then Ask Me

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How can we help each other?


Creative Commons Questions?

What else?

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