"A Magic Christmas"

An ASCISD Theatre Production

"A Magic Christmas" presented by ASCISD Theatre Class

Monday, Dec 17th, 6pm

458 Farm to Market 149

Anderson, TX

Cost: FREE!

Synopsis: There has always been something magical about Christmas-from that very first Christmas when a new star appeared in the East to Christmases today when toys mysteriously appear in stockings and under trees, and hearts turn warm. This one-act shows a very special Christmas for Miss Annie Belle, who hasn't had a truly merry Christmas in many years. Now, running out of money, this may be her worst. She keeps wishing for a white Christmas. She's really good hearted-just a bit selfish. She is so lonely that she talks to her plants and dilapidated old doll whose head keeps falling off. A series of strange events, aided by the poinsettia, holly plant and the doll, give Miss Annie her chance to prove the goodness of her heart. This show will amuse audiences, and it will touch your heart, too. The "live" holly and poinsettia plants will thrill young viewers. A touching, significant play for all ages.