Let The Sky Fall

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Plot Twist!

Audra, a young guardian, has swore an oath that she will always protect Vane at all costs. She is to teach and tell Vane who he really is, a wind rider(sylph). Vane lost all memory from the day his parents were killed in a tornado, at least that's what the humans thought. See, the humans don't know about the these wind riders because well, they look just like people. The difference is that wind riders control the wind and protect the humans. But anyways, Vane has to learn these different tongues(languages) of the wind in just a matter of a couple days. Vane is the last one of his kind, a Westerly. That's why Raiden wants him because he wants to master all the different tongues(Southernly, Northernly, Easterly, and Westerly) so he can take over the thrown from the king. Vane has to stop he because deep down he knows the Westerly tongue and he is the only that can defeat him. Will Vane every remember his Westerly tongue?

These Characters are Unbelievable!

  • Vane - He is the type of guy is never really had a thing with girls. His dates always turn out bad. But it doesn't bother him that much. Deep down he is a hurt teenager because when he was young, his parent's died and he doesn't remember anything. He is a dynamic character because in the beginning he isn't as cooperative but at the end he finally realizes what is at stake and changes to help save other peoples lives.
  • Audra - She's very serious and knows what has to be done, even if it means sacrificing herself. Audra is a Round character because near the end she is still serious but starts loosening up a bit and letting her show her emotions.
  • Arella - Mother of Audra. She hates Audra because she blames her for the death her husband/Audra's dad. She is a stock character because she turns out to be evil and comes out to be who she really is.
  • Hannah - The girl Vane starts to like a bit in the beginning of the book but ends up hating Vane.
  • Issac - Vane's best friend that makes him go out on double dates with him and his girlfriend.
  • Gavin - Audra's bird that she saved when her dad and Vane's parents died in the attack against the Stormers.
  • Raiden - The evil leader that's been hunting down Vane and Audra to take over Vane's family power/wind and over thrown the wind king.
  • Stormers - Raiden's army of rebels trying to over thrown the king and every wind type.
  • Gales - The good army that Audra is apart of and that is trying to destroy the Stormers.

Really? There?!

Every day, their at Vane's parent's house. They first actually meet their and then that's where they will always meet up before leaving outside. For Vane's special practices, Audra takes him to the mountains where the wind turbines are. Or they will go to Audra's shack that she has out by the mountains. She stays out there because she can't be noticed by humans. It's always really hot there because they live in Bermuda Dunes, California. It's usually 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Amazing Message!

This book showcases the realization of one's destiny and their inner power. But it shows what really matters to you in times of lives being threaten.

Read This Book!

Teens and young adults would love this book. On the book it says 12 and up because there are some swear words in the book and a couple thoughts from the characters that some kids might and shouldn't understand. There is a switch of point of view between Audra and Vane so you can tell what they are both thinking and that helps you put more pieces to the puzzle together.

Do You Think You Would Like This?

This book is definitely worth a reading. It's a little hard in the beginning to understand what is going on since it's a switch of point of views and you don't understand somethings about Audra but after a couple chapters you slowly start to understand. This book is wrote amazingly. It makes you think about everything and you actually put the pieces together without the book having to say it. With the different point of views it makes you think deeper.


Book - Messenger, Shannon. Let the Sky Fall. New York: Simon Pulse, 2013. Print.

Shannon Messenger

Author of Let The Sky Fall and other books.