Battle of the Bulge

December 16, 1944 - January 25, 1945

The Ardennes Forset in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg

Parties Involved:

Axis- Germany

Allies- United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg

Troops and Vehicles Engaged In Battle


250,000 soldiers, 780 tanks, 720 AFV's, 1600 artillery pieces, 955 rocket launchers, 2400 aircraft

Allied Forces:

820,000 soldiers, 1,858 tanks, 182 AFV's, 4,155 artillery pieces, 6000 aircraft



67,000-125,000 killed, wounded, or missing

Allied Forces:

19,200 killed

48,400 wounded

23,239 missing or captured

Technology Used In Battle

- Rifles with attached Grenade Launchers

- Rifles with Bayonets

- Machine Pistols

- Armored Fighting Vehicle

- Air Bombers

- Artillery

- Jeep Ambulences

- Radio Phones

Significance Of Battle

Result: Allied Victory

German losses of deployments were more than they could replenish. This was Hitler's last major offensive of the war, and he could not launch another attack. Also, this battle brought Allies into range of German territory. Even though the Allies witnessed atrocities of their fellow soldiers freezing to death, this was still one of the battles that put the nail in the coffin of Germany.

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