The training for the army is tuff and hard on your body. The training that the army is ruff like your body and you have to be in shap for their training. One part of their trainging you have to get to go into the gas chamber so thats hard on your eyes. You have to run alot so that hurts your legs and joints. they barley have any sleep because it is normally interrupted by the dril sargeants. They get yelled at and that can make somone upset or angry. the food is terrible and that can make you sick.
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Deployed in the army

A military deployment means that you will be transferred to another place in the world to fulfill their contract of service. Experienced military wives often say that the six months before deployment is the worst phase. Does this mean that you will be placed in a place of danger? No. You might even feel alone. But you’re not. The Army family is a strong one, with deep reserves of community and care to support all families through this time. Deployment is 6-12 months depends on who you ask.

Coming home

It is the most amazing time when your in the military because you get to see your family.

The time you spent away is the hardest because you miss out on so much. Poeple died, your kids getting born things that are important to your life changed. when you come home evryone is glad to see you and your glad to see them. Some people dont get to see their family again because their life was taken. So that is why everyone is so happy to see their love ones make it through the hardest part of their career. So be happy for other people that lost their love ones and your love one because you never know when you will not see them again.


what sort of training do you need? Basic infantry training

What sort of skills do you need? Basic infantry skill

Is there any room for job advancement? yes, the commander decides on who gets promoted but normally promotes everyone who meets the promotion criteria.

What is all involved with this career? My duty is for fight for are country

what is the job outlookand salary? 20,000 enlistment bonus.

why do you want to go into this career? To help people and to fight for are falling soldiers and are country.

what might people not know about this career? you will be on call 24/7 even when your not ready for it, First amendment rights are gone- it is the cost of pretecting everyone else's.

what does a day in the life of this career look like? There's no such thing as a typical day in the Army.