8th Grade Me

How I Am In 8th Grade

Some Descriptive Words About Me

Horse Rider




Love To Read

Soccer Player


Awesome Tuba Player




The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart

-Helen Keller

To me this really means the same as you don't have to see to believe. It is like something might not be pretty on the outside is could be the most gorgeous thing on the inside.

Some Of My Favorite Movies And Books

Pictures That Show Who I Am


This is actually something I used to be afraid. I was canoeing and me and my family flipped. It scared me horribly, I didn't think I would ever do it again. Last summer though at a church camp my best friend Madison wanted to go kayaking but I didn't want to cause I was scared. She finally convinced me and I had a blast. I loved it, now it is something I love to do at the lake.
barrel racing


This is actually one of my pet peeves when people judge a book by its cover. If they say they don't like something before they actually try it. If you haven't tried it how do you know you don't like it. It is really annoying how people do that or how they say they won't like someone even though they have never met them.

Hobbies and Interest of Mine

I would have to say my dad is my biggest influence on me.

Images That Move Me

Place That Inspirid Me

Mt. Rushmore

This is a really inspiring place because it shows that people loved these presidents so much they were willing to risk their life climbing a mountain to carve their faces into it. They are really big heads on an even bigger mountain, and that is from down on the ground. The precision work on the faces are magnificent. You can tell those people worked their butts off to make the monument as perfect as they could get it.

Fears Of Mine

I have multiple fears but probably my worst are heights and roller coasters. I have been scared of heights since I was a little girl. If you can get me up high(which is VERY hard) I get all shaky and hold on tight to my family and railings. I don't normally go to high points because of that reason. If you get me super high though I will just sit on the ground and not look. I am also afraid of roller coasters. It could have something to do with the height of the coaster. But what I really don't like are the drops. They don't feel good in my stomach and I can't handle that.

Stuff That Brings Me Pain

I would have to say shots are the worst thing. I am a little afraid of them and really don't like to go get them. I do everything I can to avoid them. I know they make you healthy and all that but they hurt really bad, some people say they don't but they do. You have to get them throughout your life and when you get sick but I try to avoid it.

Thing That I Love and Hate