Brain Cancer

Eve Bodnar C2

Brain Tumors

Tumors in the brain can be malignant or benign, and can occur at any age. Only malignant tumors are cancerous. Primary brain tumors cancer initially forms in the brain tissue. Brain cancer is like most cancers. Deadly, horrible and hurtful. Everyday people die from cancer. It is very important for everyone to know about because everyone has a possibility of getting this disease. When cells grow too rapidly it causes cancer but, getting cancer in the brain can affect not only you thinking but the way certain parts of your body function.

10 Facts about Brain Cancer

1)When brain cells rapidly grow or are out of control tumors can be formed. Tumors affect how certain parts of your body function.

2) Tumors are categorized by their Location, type of cell and how quickly it grows. Low grid- tumors are slow growing. High grid- rapidly growing. Can invade nearby tissue or spread throughout the body, High grid tumors usually have a poorer outlook.

3) Localized tumors stays in one area. If it is in a easy spot to get to in the brain then it is easy to remove. Invasive tumors spreads to nearby places and are very hard or impossible to remove.

4) Primary Tumors start in the brain.Yet secondary tumors made up of cells that move to the brain.

5) Symptoms are vomiting, seizures, weakness of the face, trunk, arms, or legs, slurred speech, difficulty standing or walking, poor coordination, headache, in babies, a rapidly enlarging head

6) The treatments are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. sometimes all apply

7) Yes it can be cured. Some tumors that are hard to get to and that spread fast can be very hard or impossible to remove.

8) The older you are the less of the rate of survival. Many in their 20s-30s have a higher survival rate.

9) 22,850 adults are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year. 15,320 are expected to die this year

10) 4,300 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

5 Things to do to maintain or improve your health

1) Regularly visiting your doctor can help monitor your cancer

2) Eating healthy can help you handle symptoms well and rapidly recover.

3) Exercise can help strength to fight against the cancer.

4) Avoid smoking and drinking because this can harm the brain

5) Physical therapy can help keep up your physical activity by improve the body parts affected from the cancer


In conclusion preventing Brain Cancer can be hard but, is possible. Doing everything right like eating healthy and regularly exercising. Most people make their new years resolution is to eat healthy and exercise more. But, people don't end up actually doing this. So, make the commitment today and start taking the right steps toward being healthy.


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