Hardy's Happenings

January 31, 2016


On Friday we celebrated our 100th day of school at PRS! The children participated in activity rotations in the morning. They worked with a partner in our classroom to build a structure with 100 legos, made 100 day glasses with Mrs. Collins, and moved and danced their way to 100 with Mrs. Cobb. During our center time, we made 100 fruitloop necklaces, used a balance scale to compare the weights of some of the 100 items that the children brought to share (determining which was heavier/lighter), and wrote to 100 in our math journals. We read Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten and 100 Days of School. It was a fun day celebrating together!

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This week during shared reading we focused on finding patterns in the text we are reading. We had to be "word detectives" while reading emergent readers together and determine the pattern in the text. For example, the repetitive text might have read, "I see a bird, I see a house, I see a car." We determined that the pattern was sight word, sight word, sight word, novel word. We found different patterns through the week. We also learned about using the pictures as clues to help us figure out words we are unsure of. These are skills that good readers use.

We focused on the sight words, come and help. We found those words in these poems: "Please Come See", "Come With Me", "Who Helps?", and "Come and Help". We also enjoyed learning, "100 Days Song", which we added to our poetry journals.


We began learning about decomposing numbers this week. Decomposing is taking a number and determining different ways to break that number down into two groups. For example, when decomposing 10, you can make 1 and 9, 3 and 7, 5 and 5, etc. We practiced taking real objects and putting them into two groups but noticing that we still had the same total number of objects all together. We learned a fun game called Bean Flip that we will play as one way to practice this skill.


We did a bit more reading about ladybugs this week. We finished answering all of our "wonders" and documented our learning on our K-W-L (Know-Wonder-Learn) chart. Our ladybug larva have changed into the pupa stage! We will hope to see ladybugs emerge very soon. We began work on our salt dough ladybugs to add to our trees. They are formed and have been drying. We will paint and display next.


Our class will have a group picture made on Friday, February 5. Send your little patriots with their best smile!

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We will celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging valentines on Friday, February 12. Look for a reminder to come home this week which will have the children's names listed for you. Have your child be responsible for this writing opportunity. We will also make a valentines bag next week. Please send in a solid colored gift bag by Monday, February 8.

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