My Career

By, Izaak Ogle

Job Description

Mechanical engineers design power producing machines, such as well as power-using machines, such as refrigeration and AC systems.

Work Conditions

May work in a office, workshop, factory, or a building site. Work regular business hours, and lift sometimes and sometimes they don't.


They make about $985-$1927 dollars a week.

Educational Background

Need to have an engineering degree with a major in mechanical systems or mechanical engineering at a Univerity.
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Employment Outlook

Projected job openings 2008-2018 is 75,700

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What characteristics or abilities are needed for a person to be best in this career?

You need to be good at math and kno where the parts of something go and what they do.

Advantages of this career

Good Pay

Disadvantages of this career

The may not except your application for the job.