Federated States of Micronesia


Its an island group in the northern pacific ocean. Includes four main island groups. Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap, and Kosrae. The area the islands cover is 4x the size of Washington D.C. The islands have everything from high mountain ranges to low valleys and even some Volcanoes.


Tropical; heavy year-around rainfall, especially in the eastern islands. Located on the typhoon belt, which can cause severe damage. During the typhoon season.

Plants and Animals

Natural Resources- Timber, marine products, deep seabed minerals, phosphate.


The islands were colonized by Spain in the 1700's. Then the islands were purchased by Germany in 1898. Soon after the Japanese occupied the islands around 1914 and on April 2nd 1947 the United Nations security council creates the Trust Territory of these Pacific Islands.

People and Languages

People- Chuukese 48.8%, Pohnpeian 24.2%, Kosraen 6.2%, Yapese 5.2%.

Languages- English is the official language.

Land Use

Farming- Pepper, bananas, betel nuts, eggs, goat meat, sweet potatoes.

Industry- Commercial fishing.

Mining- Large deposits of phosphate.

Imports- cattle, buffalo, goat, pig, Cow milk.

Exports- coconuts, bananas, betel nuts, cassava, sweet potatoes.

Tourism- 15,000 people per year visit. That number is expected to grow.

Religion and Education

Religion- Roman Catholicism, Protestantism along with Bahai faith.

Education- The state governments are responsible for the provision of education. Highschools are uncommon and colleges even more so.

Traditons, Customs, and Foods

Traditions- Building of Falums, Feaq (traditoinal currency), and Canoe is important symbol.

Customs- Polite language, physical avoidance, and seperation of men and women at church.

Food- Fish, goat meat, fruit such as bananas.

Current issues and Challenges

Pollution and Over fishing