Apus Constellation

Bird of Paradise

Location of Apus and How to Find it

It is visible at latitudes between +5° and −90°.

Best visible at 21:00 (9:00 pm) during the month of July.

It is in the third quadrant of the southern hemisphere.

Neighboring constellations are Ara, Chamaeleon, Circinus, Musca, Octans, Pavo, and Triangulum Australe.

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Apus Myth - The Bird of Paradise

The Greater Bird of Paradise is Paradisaea apoda, which translates to 'legless bird of paradise'. This species was described from specimens brought back to Europe from trading expeditions which been prepared by native traders by removing their wings and feet so that they might be used as decorations. The explorers didn't know this and led to the belief that these birds were beautiful visitors from Paradise that floated in the air and never touched the earth until death. Most people at this time associated Paradise with the Garden of Eden or Heaven so they also believed that the Birds of Paradise were Angels sent from Heaven to watch over them and look after them.
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Fun Facts

1. Apus is the 67th largest constellation

2. Apus belongs to the Johann Bayer family of Constellations
3. Apus has no known stars with known planets

4. There are no meteor showers associated with Apus


Apus has no asterisms