Life During the New Deal

By: Jose Culajay

Roles that Women played...

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women and was important during her husband's presidency

-Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department

-Many women became leaders in government agencies during the New Deal

African Americans during the New Deal

-William Hastie was the first black federal judge in the U.S. history.

-The Black Cabinet they stood for a powerful symbol of rising African American influence in government

- FDR felt that angering southern Democrats would jeopardize the entire New Deal.

Photographers and Writers during the Great Depression

-Dorothea Lange was a celebrated chronicler recorded images of jobless people in her hometown.

-James Agee was a writer was part of the work called " Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

- Walker Evans was the photographer of the work called " Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

Popularity of movies/ entertainment during this time and three pictures.

- Three popular movies during this era was

-The Grapes of Wrath,

-I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, and

-Make Way for Tomorrow.

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Radio in America

-Radio brought a variety of news and views into millions of Americans homes plus it provided religion, music, sports, and other entertainment for people. Families were enthralled in action show such as The Lone Ranger and comedies Fibber Mcee and Molly.
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Music on the radio in this era

- A type of jazz named swing swept the country in the 1900's.

-Audiences often danced to the music in steps like jitterbug or the Lindy Hop.

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Sports in the 1930's

-The legend Babe Ruth continued his career until ht mid 1930'2.

-Boxing was a huge popular sport in the 1930's.

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