Lock Down

By Alexander Gordon Smith

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Book review by Triston McClain

You live your life on the edge. You take what you want, when you want. You are a master thief. Until you get caught..

Alex Sawyer had a life of crime. He was a student that stole from other students and one day decided to go bigger. He got set up to rob a "loaded" home that was empty for the weekend (No one home). He and his friend go. The raid failed, and they find out it was a set up. In the process Alex's friend is killed. The men that kill his friend frame him for doing it and when he's tried in court, the judge deems him guilty as charged. His sentence is life to a "child prison" known as "Furnace". "An underground Hell hole" as he says in the book.

He isn't alone. Alex finds out that he wasn't the only one framed that was sent to Furnace. Most of the people that came down there when he was sent were framed as well. These kids became his acquaintances. Some of them weren't as friendly as others, but they could still be called friends. His closest friends are, Donovan and Zee. He mostly looks up to Donovan because he's older and he shows him what to do to stay alive in Furnace. He works with these two everyday to try and survive Furnace, but as days go on, he loses one of them to the horrors of Furnace.

How's your life going? Do you take from others for your own personal gain? If you do, you should read this book. By reading this book, you can see how that can turn into something far worse. You should also read this book if you like murder mystery. Its filled with mystery on murders. In fact Furnace was made just for kids who murdered people in their past. Of course some were framed, such as Alex. If you're interested in who did, read and find out.

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