Weekly Launch

Dec. 5-9


One week down and two to go! You can do it! We have loved seeing all the routines and procedures continuing on despite the time of year. Don't forget that for some of our students, this isn't a happy time. We have lots of students who have a lot of worries on their plate and school is a safe place for them but their minds are not always focused on academics. Positive words and encouragement from you will result in more positive behavior from your students.

Please help us out by doing your attendance on time. We have 15 people who were late today. It takes a lot of time for Carla to call 15 rooms and remind them to do attendance. We are audited by the state and this information is documented. We know you are busy teaching but this is something we have to be accountable for.

Please try to send a positive note or email to your parent's about your students. A little bit of positive goes a long way.

Start brushing up on your Christmas trivia! We will be having a contest the last week of school!

Stay dry this weekend!

Note from Laura Adlis

K-2 teachers should hold tight to their guided reading time. With all the activities going on and schedule deviations that happen in December, guided reading time should NEVER be sacrificed.

Important Dates

Dec. 5-


Dec. 6-Reading CBA-3rd/5th

Writing 4th grade

Huddle-3:30 p.m.

Dec. 7-Math CBA 5th

Roadhouse spirit night

Dec. 8-Kinder Data Day


Dec. 9-Intervention logs due 3-5

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Word of the Week-School Pride

Morning Announcements-Joiner

Word of the Week-Valid

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Shout outs!

A big shout out to:

all the morning meetings that are happening in our building! You do such a great job of building a community in your classroom!

Fifth grade for all the collaborating and group work that is going on in the classrooms

Third grade for having such a wonderful attitude during mega

All you stepped up and filled in when we had a sub not fill in Pre-K 3!

teachers who are so excited to share the positives with us! Sometimes it is hard to find the positives but they are always there!

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