The Cause,Effect, and Outcome of WW2

The Start and End of WW1

WW1 started When Several Nations in Europe disagreed over which and where there Border lines were in corp-orating with other country's, this led to Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria being Assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina by a Serbian Zealot. This started the War between (Magor Nations) England, France, Russia, and Italy on the Allied powers and Empire of Germany, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary. There were many more nations that actually took part in the war in other theaters of the conflict. The War Intensified when the British Passenger liner the Lusitania was sunk by German u-boats. The Us then entered the war and fought with the allies for the rest of the war. Texas played a important role in manufacturing of war machines.

British Mark 4. Tank

This is a Tank that the US and Britain used in WW1

Leaders of the main Country's During World War 1

Country's dispute over border lines

Times are disputed

Archduke Ferdinand Is assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

June 28,1914

The War starts

June 28,1914

The War ends

November 11