Phase 1: Remote Learning Details

Updated November 20, 2020

PSD in Phase 3 hybrid learning, shift to remote learning Nov. 23

With COVID-19 cases increasing in Larimer County at an alarming rate, PSD will shift all grade levels to Phase 1: Remote Learning starting Monday, Nov. 23 through winter break.

  • PreK-12 students will remain in Phase 3 Hybrid In-Person/Remote Learning the week of Nov. 16.

  • The first day of Phase 1 learning starts Nov. 23 for all grades.

  • PSD Virtual students will continue 100 percent online learning without change.

We will update the PSD community about our plans for Jan. 5 and beyond as we monitor the situation through December. Complete news item: PSD shifting to Phase 1 remote learning on Nov. 23

PSD Update: Superintendent Smyser commends staff and students, announcing shift to remote learning

Daily Schedule for Remote Learning

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Remote Learning-What to expect


The elementary student day is the normal school schedule, including a 60-minute lunch.

Times listed are minimums

Monday through Thursday:

  • Morning Check-In/Class Meeting: 15 minutes live. (Monday through Friday)

  • Literacy: 60 minute lesson with minimum 30 minutes synchronous, including lesson delivery and small group and individual support.

  • Mathematics: 60 minute lesson with minimum 30 minutes synchronous, including lesson delivery and small group and individual support.

  • Science/Social Studies: 30 minute lesson with minimum 15 minutes minutes synchronous, including lesson delivery and small group and individual support.

  • Specials: 30 minute lesson with live interaction

  • Lunch: 45 minutes

  • Independent practice, small group, and assignment completion: 120 minutes


  • Morning Check-In/Class Meeting: 15 minutes live.
  • The rest of Friday, students complete independent and asynchronous work.
  • Teachers have office hours. Parents can arrange for additional meetings for their student.
  • Outside of office hours, teachers collaboratively plan and prepare for the next week.


  • Lessons will be managed in a consistent learning management system (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw, etc.) and follow a consistent routine each day to avoid confusion.
    • Students and families will have access to help guides and technology assistance to learn how to navigate the primary applications to support their students (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).
  • Teachers will support student learning through a blending of three models:

    • Synchronous (real-time) learning: Online learning in which teachers and students participate at the same time, but not in the same place. Synchronous learning is delivered through a virtual meeting platform.

    • Asynchronous (any-time) Learning: Online learning in which students learn at different times and locations. Asynchronous learning is often supported by posted media materials.

    • Activities that support student learning. Independent practice may include reading assignments, general practice, homework, and projects.

  • All lessons will be based on essential standards and provide meaningful work. Over the course of the year, all essential standards will be covered in core subject areas and courses.

Teacher Learning Pages

  • Each teacher will have a learning page with a standard format and required links depending on course content.

  • The site will link to teacher's Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and SeeSaw.

  • We will use the Teacher Learning Page as the entry point for students to access content.

  • Teachers will communicate their routines to students and families so they know when to expect updates.

  • You can access Learning Pages at our website:


Teacher communication

  • Teachers will communicate their routines to students and families on a regular basis.
  • Teachers and/or departments will have Teacher Learning Pages for students and families. These pages will include information like:
    • Messages from teachers
    • Links to online learning platforms and course content
    • Information about assignments and more as needed
  • Teachers will communicate their grading practices and expectations.
  • Students will receive timely and relevant feedback on their learning during school hours. Student work will be evaluated and graded.
  • Attendance will be taken each day.

Distribution Days

We will continue with distribution days on Fridays, beginning December 4. This is a time for students to return work or projects and pick up any new materials, library books, etc. Your child's teacher will communicate when they will have supplies for pick up.

Meals During 20-21

Meals will be served at Werner during Phase 1. Below are more details about how this has changed since we last did remote meal service. You will need to have your student's ID number in order to receive a meal. Please refer to the website for more information:

Meal service plan

All PSD schools and grade levels will be in Phase 1: Remote Learning Monday, Nov. 23, through winter break.

  • No cost for meals: Meals are currently free through the 2020-21 school year, as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture school district reimbursement program. Parents are encouraged to still apply for free and reduced-priced meals, which helps with school funding (apply on the Free and Reduced-Priced Meals website).
  • Designated school and mobile sites: Sack meals are available to students (any child 18 or younger) 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday (on scheduled school days). People must wear face coverings and maintain social distancing at meal sites. See the latest list of meal sites below.
  • When PSD is in Phase1 Remote Learning: meals will be available for students to pick up at designated school and mobile sites.
  • Special diet needs: For special diet needs, contact Becky Wiggins in the Child Nutrition Department at or 970-490-3348 to ensure meal modifications are available based on health plans. Please give two days notice. See allergy and ingredients in meals on the menu website.

Meal Sites Starting Monday, Nov. 23​​​

    • Students may get meals at any location regardless of where they attend school.
    • At PSD school and mobile meals sites: Please provide a PSD student name and ID number when picking up meals.
    • Food Bank meal sites are open to all children 18 and younger - student ID numbers are not required.

    Technology Support Tips

    Here are some quick tips for you for technology support:

    You can also use the Tech Portal for tech support when you need it: If you have any other questions about technology, please contact our Media Specialist, Debbie Powers, at

    PSD 2020-21 School Year

    Stay up-to-date with PSD's plans for the 2020-21 school year at: This site will house all the information needed for the different phases and updates throughout the year.