Come Visit a Mountain!

By: Sofía

How it Was Made

The Sierra Nevada Range in California, was formed from huge tilted blocks from the Earth's crust. The blocks were pushed up and were tilted to the west over a period of millions of years.

About Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is a rugged mountain that borders California and Nevada in the U.S. The Sierra Nevada is also known for it's beautiful scenery. Three National Parks are within The Sierra Nevada Range including Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. It also includes lake Tahoe. Also, several Native American tribes lived there. The snow that covers the Sierra, melts and forms streams that supply water to nearby populated areas.

Thirteen of California's fifteen fourteeners are located in the Sierra Nevada, the other two being Mount Shasta (14,162 ft.) of the Cascade Range and White Mountain Peak (14,246 ft.) of the White Range, one of the basin ranges east of the Sierra Nevada. There are also over one hundred Sierra Nevada peaks topping 13,000 feet. The Sierra runs for 400 feet!

Sierra Nevada Plants & Animals

The Sierra Nevada is home to many species including the Black Bear, The California Mule Deer, the Northern Pacific Rattle Snake, the Yellow- bellied Marmot and a few species of trout.