How Venezuela Will have revolution

The Steps In Getting Venezuela A Revolution

Venezuelas problems-One of the most violent countries on earth-someone is murdered every 21 minutes-The government isn't doing much about it and since the crime is so high, the government has stopped keeping crime data-It is facing problems with significant issues in the form of shortages of specific consumer goods and lengthy queues for some of what is available-The shortages of consumer goods is not an economic problem but a political one -The government diliberately causes chaos

How The Revolution Will Occur

The main reason why Venezuela is in these problems is mainly because of the government and the people of Venezuela need to find a way to get rid of the current leaders. The people who will be leading this revolution will be certain citizens and the military of Venezuela. These people will not spread the word of this revolution and will also hold secret meetings for the leaders of the revolution.The reason they can't spread the word is beacause the government cannot find out or they will shut down or maybe even kill the leaders of the revolution so it's easiest to go undercover. The leaders have decided that this will be a non-violent revolution.

The Plan

If everything all goes right than it will start off by the top military crew will invade the parliament building during the day and threaten to kill anyone who doesnt listen than have the bad or main leaders of parliament arrested and never to have part with Venezuelas government again. Hopefully this will be a bloodless procedure because the military has been told if anyone does not cooperate they die. If all this goes to plan Venezuela will will hold a new election for new leaders who can fix up the crime issues and the economy instead of the old leaders being lazy and not caring about the country. This election will be a big boost for this country and hopefully Venezuela could become a first world country