Deer Hunting Location


Kerr, TX

If your looking for a place to hunt in Texas,look no further.Kerr,TX is the best to hunt if you live in TX.Escpically if you wanna have good time with freinds.It does take a lot of patience,so if you dont have any patience,dont come.

Why Should You Go?

Kerr,TX is the place to go for many reasons.Its a three day trip where you can enjoy 5,000 arces of pure hunting.Its so big,you can smell the outdoor wilderness,it will take you forever to explore everything about this place.Be aware,this is a white teal deer habitat,so dont be suprise if you see one or more of them.So if you want the biggest,juicest,meateist deer,then you want a white tail deer.Thats why Kerr,TX is the place to go.

So if your looking for somewhere to going hunting with freinds,family,or just by yourself to have some fun,go to kerr,TX.