Cowhide to Footballs

by:Gavin Steger


Foot balls are a fun toy to play with. Have you ever wondered haw they are made.


The origin is really basic. It is manly made of cowhide but I bet that you could find one made of plastic or rubber. there also is a blddel and lasses and that is all for the origin.


The process has a lot of steps. First they tan the cowhide. the next step is you need to cut the cowhide into the write shape.Then they stamp on anything they need to. The next step is to soy it together and holes get poached in. A different worker flattens the seems and then holes get poor in.A different worker gives it a 15 second steam bath. After the ball is turned the boatel gets poor in. the final tow steps are to lace up the ball. Finally the ballets inspected and then it goos to you.

Interesting Facts

Do you want to find out some facts well if you do read my last paragraph. My first interesting fact is did you know that not all footballs have white lines on them. My next fact is did you know that all footmbaalls take a 15 second steam bath.Finally I have one more fact did you know that in1869 footballs were round.


So that is how a football is made.Have fun playing with your football good by.
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