The Lion and The Monkey

By: Hannah Glynn


One day a monkey was swinging from the vines of a couple of trees and saw a lion sitting in the sun. The monkey swung down to talk to the lion. When the monkey started walking towards the lion the lion said, "Who are you, trying to talk to me the king." "Tis me the monkey." He replied. "Monkey, you are small and weak while I'm big and strong." "But I'm sly and swift." The lion laughed while he leapt away. The next morning a hunter came into the woods. The lion was talking to the monkey when the hunter saw them and started shooting at them. The monkey being sly and swift got away. The lion was shot. Once the hunter went to claim the lion the monkey pounced on the hunter and scared him away. The monkey helped the lion up on his feet and said," I may be small and weak but I can get away from danger quickly."