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Kindergarten Readiness

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What to Expect When School Begins in August

· Parents must complete both online enrollment and come to the school for registration early in August. Registration dates will be shared at a later date.

· Required homework is reading to your child at least 10 minutes a day or 50 minutes a week and reviewing the math packet that comes home daily. We also will teach the students 40 sight words over the course of the year. It is extremely important to review these with your child!

· Students will create a social contract with their classroom teacher that houses the rules they decide are important to follow as a class! Please help reinforce these at home as well as our ROAR school-wide rules: Respectful On Task Always Safe Responsible

· Related Arts include: library/technology, art, music and physical education

· Lunch at school: the kitchen personnel will set up an account for your child and as he/she goes through the line each day, the amount for breakfast or lunch is deducted from your account. Your child is always welcome to bring his/her own lunch from home.

· We do ask you to provide a healthy snack once per month for the entire class. Your teacher will give you a schedule.

· Volunteers - Volunteer opportunities are dependant on the necessity of Covid protocols

· State Standards and academics in kindergarten are rigorous; Classroom teachers use games, cooperative learning, play and technology to support student learning.

You can help your child be prepared for kindergarten by practicing some of the below listed skills:

Fine Motor Skills

*Begin to develop proper pencil grip when drawing or writing (three fingers)

*Hold scissors safely and practice cutting on a line

*Know right hand from left hand

*Tie shoes, button/zip pants and jackets


Not wearing belts

Social Skills:

Social contract

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Reading, Writing, and Communicating

*Identify and sort common objects, events, pictures, words, colors, shapes

*Understand everyday words like “cold” and be able to apply them

*Begin to use language and words to express ideas in a complete sentence

*Follow 2-3 step directions

*Read daily! Sing/Read nursery rhymes and fairy tales – point out patterns of sounds in songs or stories

*Draw a picture to express idea – dictate what picture is about

*Know and be able to say first and last name

*Write name with only a capital at the beginning/correct letter formation

*Write and recognize letters in first name

*Sing/say alphabet in order

*Recognize print in the environment


*Count objects to 10

*Match a quantity with a numeral to 5

*Begin to name/sort familiar objects, colors, letters, and numbers into categories

*Introduce shapes (2D) circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval and hexagon


*Follow rules and expectations inside and outside of classroom

-Keep hands and feet to self, use kind words, listen when someone is talking, be on task

* Take care of bathroom needs independently – Students should be able to know when to go to the restroom, know how to use a toilet, properly clean him/herself, pull up pants, button/zip, flush the toilet and wash their hands with soap and water.

*Tell teacher when he/she has a problem


To register your child for Kindergarten, go to www.ffc8.org. Registration begins on June 1st.

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Sheryll Evans, School Nurse.

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Abrams Contact Info

Principal: L. Skaggs

Assistant Principal: R. Williams

Counselor: Covina Dunnihoo

Psychologist: Liz Fiorillo