Social netwoks

For teenagers !

Many information about Sociales Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... there are many social networks !

But know consequence ?

A small outline is important !

Now, most teenagers are on a social network. What are the positives and negatives ?

Positive Things

Facebook or other social networks, is very good for :

  • Recover any friends
  • Share pictures of her holidays
  • Chat quily with other
  • Share her memories
  • Keep contact with other friends
  • Ease of communication


Today, social networks are numerous.

Most people enroll, very fashionable in teenagershowever more fragile.

This is a great way to stay in contact with friends who live farther away, share photo memories or get information quickly.

Negative Things

Teenagers are the first enrolled. But ... do they know all the consequences .. ?...


It's very easy on i

nternet to create her e-personality, but everyone do the same.

Invented his life, pretending to be someone else to be better about yourself.

Have many friends even though we don't necessarily know.

Cyber bully

On internet, people can harassed someone, about a photo published too quickly or comment.

Messages texte that you humiliate...
It's easy for the personto persecute someone behind a computer!

You must be carful be added as friends you know and not anyone!

Messages posted on photo so mean ..

May be someone you don't know !

PSA - Cyber Bullying Hurts

To conclude !

Socials Networks are very fantastic for :

  • Chat with friend
  • Post pictures
  • Keep contact
  • For a communication

BUT is very fantastic if :

  • Add not anyone!
  • No post any picture of you!
  • Don't spread out your private life!

And very important : Don't get addicted!

You are young! enjoy paying attention!

Guyard Elodie

1ère STMG

April 2013