Hope and Faith

Hunter G.

Hunter Gear

Hunter Gear is my name and the story is about me.

My theme

My theme is Hope and Faith and that is the focus.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 9pm

Riverside Church Camp

During the week I was at church camp a few summers ago, I realized that every single staff was either in high school or college. Everyone at the WHOLE camp was pretty much a kid. That helped me realize that you don’t to be that old to make a difference to be something. These high schoolers and college kids were taking time out of their summer to teach kids about GOD.

1 person that influences me on these theme's.

1. My Dad- Well I selected my father because he always and telling me that I will be something when I grow up.


Well the setting of my story was mainly at home and church. This is because of the faith of my family and that we go to church and obviously, it's very faithful there. The other part is at school kind of. Most of the people at our school are good people and give me Hope and Faith sometimes.

Another Influential Person

Well another is my friend Shane. He is in a few of my classes but he comes over a lot. We get along Alright. But the Main reason I am putting him in as one of one of the influential people is because, whenever people are making fun of me he usually steps up and either tells them to stop or just tells me not to worry about it and that their just jerks. I'm not saying that he has never given me a hard time, because he has. We all give each other hard times. But he is probably one of the nicest to me.

One more Good person

Well another is My friend Cael. He is easily one of my best friends along wtih shane. The main reason me and Cael are friends is because he is my neighbor. He may be in Sixth Grade but he can do a lot of things as good or even better than me. But we have a lot in common and we rarely are mean to eachother. He just gives me a lot of Hope and Faith.

Another Event

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 at 9pm

Riverside Church Camp

Well one time at church camp it was prayer night and me and my “counselor” went outside the chapel and we prayed and we went through a lot and it really made me feel better because I got a lot of stuff off my chest which is why it’s one of my things that influenced how my story. It made me get a lot more Hope and Faith.

Theme Link

Well my theme really links a lot to church and sometimes in my own home. I can relate because my family regularly goes to church and we pray at home and stuff so it links to the hope and faith. I could say I have a pretty strong faith and that links to my theme.

Another setting

Another setting would be on the baseball field. Specifically on the mound. This is a setting is selected is because sometimes when I am pitching and I'm either getting ready to throw a big pitch or I'm not doing so hot, I will just talk to GOD. I think this is a good setting because it relates to my theme which is Faith and Hope and where I use it and I use it on the pitchers mound.

Another Character

Well another one is my Mom. I love my Mom and I put her in this because she helps me have Hope and Faith by doing lots of things for me. She shows me right from wrong and she also takes me to church which helps.

One more Character

Well one more is Another one of my best friends Max. He is better at practically everything than me, and I often get jealous of him. I even say I wish I could be him sometimes. But when ever I complain to him he just tells me that I will be something when I grow up and that is part of my theme... Wanting to be "Something" when I grow up. And he always tells me not to lose Hope which is one of my themes.

One last event

Friday, July 19th 2013 at 9pm

Riverside church camp

Right when I left from that camp, like when my parents came to get me, which was after the ceremony where we watched a video about the whole week. Well after that I felt like a new, changed person. And I was so happy to see my parents. This one is mainly about the faith part.

Turning Point

The turning point was probably when I realized that all of the camp counselors were kids. That was a turning point because I said my goal was to be something when I grow up... Like making a difference. Well that just made me realize these kids were not even getting paid or anything... just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. That was a turning point because It changed my whole look on things.