Shun McDowell

Leader of Everything

ZEUS (A.K.A THE ROMAN NAME JUPITER)is the leader of the gods and goddessess he was son of the titans Cronus'and Rhea. Zeus was a sky and weather god, having authority over the sky, the winds, the clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning.


Cronus', king of the titans swallowed his children whole, including Zeus. Cronus' wife Rhea saved Zeus by hiding him in a cave. Hades, Hestia, Demeter, Poseidon, and Hera, who was also his wife.

Where is Zeus from?

Zeus is from Olympia, one of the many places Zeus is honored, and also where his embedded statue is located. home of the Olympic Games.

Where does Zeus live?

From his exalted position atop Mount Olympus.


His most prominent symbols were the thunderbolt and eagle. Represents fierceness, and competence.

Special Talents, Skills and Traits

In art Zeus was typically depicted as a dignified mature man with a beard. Superhuman strength that surpasses most of the Olympian gods except Hercules, he is immortal, he can create an inter-dimensional apertures where he can transport his self virtually anywhere.


The only one weakness that Zeus has is women.