GCS Virtual Public School Updates

April 2015

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GCSVPS Guiding Principles

Our goal is to ensure our program is held to a high level of accountability and rigor. For our program to be a success, we have to follow four key principles:

  • Communicate with Students, Parents, ELAs, and the Coordinator
  • Set and Achieve Goals
  • Work with Stakeholders, Schools and Families
  • Ensure Program and Self Accountability

Important Dates-Mark Your Calendars!


  • 8th: Early Calendar Spring Courses End
  • 14th: GCSVPS Faculty Meeting at 501 W. Washington St. in Room 300 at 4:30pm
  • 22nd: Traditional Calendar Spring Courses End

Spring 2015 Course Calendar Updates

The wintry weather this year has decimated our face to face classroom calendars but our virtual calendar has not changed. Since Spring Break has been taken away by the snow days earlier this year, assignments and assessments can be given during those days.

Please take note of the following dates for our GCSVPS courses:

  • May 8th: Early Calendar Spring Courses End
  • May 22nd: Traditional Calendar Spring Courses End

Students will be able to login to their classes through the end of the semester. If you want student work to stop being submitted on May 22nd, please be sure to communicate with your students.

GCSVPS Teacher of the Month

Each month we select a Teacher of the Month for GCSVPS. We look at criteria including teacher responsiveness, teacher contact logs, as well as meeting attendance and participation to determine our Teacher of the Month.

This month our spotlight is on Andrea Cooper. Andrea has been a part of GCSVPS since June of 2012. She currently teaches our Entrepreneurship I course. She has always done an outstanding job communicating and relating to her students as well as preparing her students for state exams.

Join me in congratulating Andrea Cooper, our April 2015 Teacher of the Month!

The Other Side of the Screen

Ever wonder what it would be like to participate as a student in GCSVPS? A professor at Yavapai College in Arizona, who teaches several online and face to face classes, recently took some online classes as a student. Read here about her experiences.

How could you change your classes to improve a student's interactions with the course materials? Share your ideas here.

Questions? Concerns? Problems?

What would you like to have addressed at our next GCSVPS Faculty meeting?

Click here to share your questions, concerns, or problems.

April Teacher Responsiveness

Responsiveness checks have already started. Each month you will see in this space updates for teacher responsiveness.

Our goal, as always, is to have 100% teacher responsiveness. We will be monitoring this through the performance indicators on the instructor dashboards.

Responsiveness measures how quickly a teacher is returning grades to students (for all gradable activities or exams):

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  • All gradable items have been returned to students within 2 days or less.
Yellow circle
  • At least one item has been waiting for 3 or more days to be graded.
Red circle
  • At least one item has been waiting for 6 or more days to be graded.
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The Journey Is Endless with Digital Teaching and Learning

The Instructional Technology Team provides support and professional development to GCS staff in the area of technology that emphasizes 21st Century student-centered learning. Have you taken advantage of their wonderful resources?

Click here for their LiveBinder full of wonderful resources you may be able to use in your class!

Instructional Technology and Innovation

Previous newsletters and other department information can be found at our website:


Be sure to check out all Instruction Technology has to offer: http://www.gcsnc.com/pages/gcsnc/Departments/Virtual_Learning