Ms. Cozart's Class

Information and Important Links

All About Ms. Cozart

  • I'm Ms. Cozart
  • Graduated from Western Kentucky University in December 2013
  • Starting my Masters this fall
  • Oldest of 4 girls
  • 2nd year teaching
  • Recently engaged
  • I am so excited to teach your child this year!


  • Monday- Guidance (every other week), P.E. and Library
  • Tuesday- Music and Arts
  • Wednesday- P.E. and Library
  • Thursday- Music and Arts
  • Friday- Arts
  • Lunch- 10:30 to 10:55 * You are welcome to come eat with your child any day. If you know that you are coming, please send a note or call the office so that we can add you to our lunch count. *
  • Recess - 10:00 - 10:15

Homework Folders

Goes home every afternoon. We will check them each morning

Left Side: Important Information (Please read over everything and return if needed)

Right Side: Papers to keep at home.

Please empty folders each night.

Please sign memo in front pocket each night and return to school.


  • Please call the office when your child is absent.
  • Please send a note to school when your child returns.
  • If a note is not sent, your child will receive unexcused absences.

Leader In Me//Sharpen The Saw

Based upon 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Habit 1: Be Proactive (I'm in charge of me)

Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind (have a plan)

Habit 3: Put First Things First (work then play)

Habit 4: Think Win Win (I win, You win, We win)

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood (listen before you talk)

Habit 6: Synergize (Together is better)

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw (balance feels best)

Students participate in a school-wide Sharpen the Saw activity every Friday.

Note: Classroom Sharpen the Saw activities will include everyone.

Behavior Chart

  • Every child begins the day on blue
  • After 3 warnings the child moves down to green
  • After 2 more warnings the child will move to yellow
  • Child will go to red after 2 more warnings. Behavior note will be sent home. Hitting, etc will result in automatic red.
  • If your child clips up to purple he/she will receive a purple slip and will go to the office to receive a special prize!


  • If students are not following their normal routine for going home (bus rider, car rider, etc) you MUST send a note, call the office, or stop by the office to make necessary arrangements.
  • if you email the school :
  • *Office needs to know by 1:00*

Birthday Celebrations//Birthday Invitations

  • This year we are having monthly celebrations. Each month we will have a special celebration to celebrate the birthdays for that month along with any holidays that may take place during that month.
  • We are asking that if you send any special treats for child's birthday to PLEASE send these on the date of the special monthly celebration instead of on their birthday. We will recognize each birthday on this day, sing to them, etc. They will also get a special treat from the office and the teacher on their ACTUAL birthday.
  • Please watch the weekly memo to know when the celebration will be held.
  • *Please note will are NO longer allowed to have any food items in the classroom*
  • If a student brings invitations to school we ask that there be one for every child in class OR
  • Girls can bring one for all the girls in class
  • Boys can bring one for all the boys in class


  • We LOVE having volunteers here at Audubon and you are ALWAYS welcome!
  • There will also be scheduled volunteer days and nights various times this year.
  • If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, I ask that you give a 24 hour notice so that I have time to prepare.
  • In order to keep all students safe ALL volunteers are expected to complete a criminal background check each year before being allowed to volunteer, including attending field trips.