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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

February 5, 2016

Classroom Calendar

Please click on the link button to view our classroom calendar for important events.

Valentine's Party

Only one week until the big day! Our party will take place Friday, February 12 from 2:45-3:30pm. Please click on the SignUpGenius above for various donation options.

Students can create their own Valentine's container to hold their cards at home. Please have your child bring it to school on Thursday, February 11.

Below is a list of the students in our classroom (21 total) for your child to refer to in preparation with his/her Valentines.

  • Johnathan Ament
  • Nicholas Botorogea
  • Claudia Carr
  • Matthew Carillo
  • Devon Dufour
  • Brooklyn Farnsworth
  • Chloe Giehtbrock
  • Audrey Heinrich
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Christian Lunsford
  • Ceci Marsden
  • Jason Martindale
  • Gauge Payne
  • Ella Reed
  • Ian Saucer-Zeoli
  • Braden Steen
  • Jacqueline Suida
  • Josie Tremblay
  • Alivia Upchurch
  • Molly Wheeler
  • Keira Zorski

Leader of the Week - Josie

Our next Leader of the Week and class President is Josie.

Thank you Matthew for your leadership this past week and continue to lead on this week as our class Vice-President!


Unit 4 Mixed Genre Series Clubs Book clubs are doing a great job and each club is in, at least, their 3rd book in a series! This week readers focused on making sure that their book club was functioning well and they were being successful. Readers looked at themselves as individuals and also as a whole group. We also make predictions about patterns in series and looked at what lesson we are learning from our characters, story or series.

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Have a discussion with your reader about what patterns they have noticed in different books across the same series. Also have a discussion about what lessons they are learning. Lessons could include: situations in life to avoid, always trying your hardest, taking a risk, being kind, working hard for what you want, ect.


Unit 3 Persuasive Writing: Writers started a new unit focusing on topics that they feel strongly about. Writers began to brainstorm concerns or problems they see in school, at home and in the community. Ideas they can up with include: there should be no zoos, all classrooms should have Ipads, every child should have a pet, ect.

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Talk with your writer about the problems and concerns that they brainstormed about this week in writing. Ask them their opinion on why they thought this specific topic was an issue.

Word Study- TEST February 12th!!

Word study groups have gotten new words this week and we have worked on making sure we had a detailed discussion about how our words are sorted. Students also practiced using their words in context by writing them in sentences.

**Word study challenge- Students have until next Friday, February 12th to write sentences trying to make the most creative sentences and include the most number of sort words in each. Sentences need to make sense and show the meaning of the word. Any student that accepts this challenge and turns in their sentences before our test will be entered to win a special prize! :)

Word Study Home Learning Conversation: Practice writing, reading and sorting your child's new words. You may also want to work on their sentences. My goal would be that the sentences are student generated but you may assist in whatever way you deem appropriate.

Leader in Me- Habit 4

Leaders attended our monthly Leader in Me assembly on Monday where the second graders taught us about Habit 4- Think win-win. Leaders were asked to create scenarios to demonstrate the different interactions two people could have. These are lose-win, win-lose, lose-lose or win-win. Students came up with some amazing real life situations and they were able to share their thinking with partners as well as the whole class.

Leader in Me Home Learning Connection: Ask your leader to share one of their scenarios with you and describe to you what type of interaction it was. Also have them explain what the four types of interactions mean. Remind them that leaders always strive to think win-win in EVERY situation in life whether at home or at school.

Science - Sound

We will begin our sound unit next week. Our time this week has been preparing for our Expo.

Social Studies - Expo Voting Results & Donations Needed

Unit 2 - Economy of Michigan

Thank you for supporting our Young Entrepreneurs. They were so excited to share their products at our Dolphin Pod Place Business Expo. The results are in from the voting and the following entrepreneurs will have their products go into production late next week:

  • Devon- Amazing Snow Globe
  • Brooklyn- Paper Bag Book Cover

Donations are needed for our production process. We would appreciate if you could send any of the following items to school. Thanks much!!!

  • brown paper bags (grocery bag size)
  • paint- any color
  • spiral notebooks- any size or composition notebooks
  • glass jars with lids
  • unused toys that could fit in a jar
  • glitter

Economy Home Learning Conversation:

  • Ask your Expert Entrepreneur about his/her experience preparing for the Expo with developing a business plan, creating visuals, and practicing his/her verbal presentation skills.

Math - Telling Time

Unit - Telling Time

We started our unit on telling time. Elapsed time is the key concept in 3rd grade and is a difficult one to grasp. Please click on the link below for great suggestions on how to strengthen your child's understanding of time in his/her daily life.

Continue to have your mathematician practice basic multiplication facts using his/her flashcards or the multiplication.com link below. For those students who have not yet mastered addition and subtraction facts, please continue to practice and grow fact fluency.

Math Home Learning Conversation:

  • Have your mathematician create a daily schedule and engage in conversation around elapsed time.