Weekly Newsletter

Darnell 1st Grade

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a fabulous three day weekend. This coming week we will be busy learning and exploring our world.

**Please note that your child did not take their folder home on Friday!


In phonics, we will be learning about suffix ‘-s’. Due to a four day week we will not have a spelling test.


We will continue learning about shapes in Math. The students will have lots of fun examining and creating 3D shapes using everyday objects.

What are vertices?? What about faces?

A vertex (plural: vertices) is a point where two or more straight lines meet. (What you and I learned as corners. ; )

Faces on a 3D shape are the flat sides of the shapes. ie. A cube has 6 faces.

Shape Song Video


In science, our five senses will guide us into how a scientist works, what he/she does and the tools needed. Most importantly, the students will learn that they can be scientist also!

Fall Festival Meeting

*Don’t forget our 1st grade Fall Festival planning meeting is Thursday, September 10th, we hope you can join us!


Sept. 10th - First Grade Fall Festival Meeting @ 3:30 - Mrs. Darnell’s room Parents please plan to attend

Oct. 3th - Fall Festival 4-7 @ VAHS parking lot

Oct. 5th - No school fair day

Thank you,

Have a fabulous week!

Mrs. Darnell
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