Enrichment Update

First week of May!

What's happening with Masquers?

Sixth graders are working on a play by playwright Becca B.

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are working on scenes from Charlie Brown.

Eighth graders are working on plays by playwrights Allie V and Izzy D.

Lines should be memorized!

Our performances will be taking place on June 3rd.

Allie V's show will go on the road to the K-3 schools on May 27th.

What's the Good Deed Club up to?

Seventh graders are preparing different works for Veterans. Mr. Casey has come in and spoken with us about his virtual education segment of the Armed Forces Heritage Museum and we are developing videos, artwork and research material for the mobile trailer.

Eighth graders have developed a research form about local Carbon Footprints and are waiting until there is more data before developing a display about this information.

Movie Makers Round Two! We are sending in our second set of creations today!

London vs. Switzerland

This group needed to create a "Climate Change Rap Battle" about a future world in which shoreline communities were moving inland. They chose London and Switzerland to stage their story.

Enjoy the creative work of seventh grade movie makers Bradyn, Aidan and Joey.

London vs Switzerland


This group needed to create a movie trailer about an imaginary world with four lands and a central city. They based their work on different kinds of literature....

Enjoy the creative work of sixth grader movie makers Gina, Claire, Jamie, Jess and Vaughn.


Artists' Corner 2016

Artists' Corner students were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday night. See a movie of our collective artwork on the theme "I have a dream" below.

Next year's theme? REMEMBER.

You have a while until September, but just keep that in the back of your mind.

Thanks to our judges: Mrs. Seeley, Mrs. Quintard, and Mr. & Mrs. Mahoney.

Artists' Corner 2016