New and Improved

Prezi: Not Your Same Old Presentation

Prezi has been around for a few years now and if you have not checked it out lately, you should!

For those new to Prezi, it provides a presentation tool that allows for zooming and movement across the presentation. You set the stops along the way as the program travels through your material.

To sign up - be sure to register for the educational account. You will need to use your school email address to qualify.

New features include:

  • New backgrounds - including the ability to add your own background with a 3D effect.
  • The ability to share a presentation with up to 10 other people so you can work on it from different computers at the same time.
  • The capability of presenting your presentation online to up to 30 other computers at the same time with the use of a link. The teacher could be sharing the presentation as the student watch her navigate through the different slides on their own machines.

Here are a few Prezi's some Ridgeview World Cultures teachers use for class presentations as well as are embedded on their websites for students to review and take notes.

Prezi Tutorial:

Prezi Tutorial: Getting Started with Prezi