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Samrath Jandu



S – I want to achieve an overall average of 87% in grade 10.

M – I will measure my success by keeping track of grades earned on my marked work. I will make a spreadsheet on MS Excel and insert the grades for my classes into it. It will allow for me to easily view my grades overtime.

A - I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes working on any homework or just preparing for things that will be taught in advance. I will also learn to develop my time management by keeping agendas and lists so I can perform to my potential in all courses. I also have the option to attend the club at school that gives assistance on how to effectively study during exams.

R This is an important goal for me because it is essential to achieve a high average in high school in order to be accepted into the university program I am going apply for.

T – To ensure success in my goal, I will attempt to get an 87% final in semester one and at least 86% in semester two mid-term since it is more difficult. Throughout the courses I will work towards getting a 90% on all assignments and tests so that I head into final evaluations with a good grade. I am aiming to accomplish my goal by the end of the 2015-2016 school year.


S – I want to coach a youth soccer team and lead them to win at least 80% of their games.

M – I will measure the success by watching the kids during training. I will keep a record of their success doing drills and watch for improvements as the season progresses. I will get the kids to do drills specific to a certain area of the game which they can keep a record in and attempt to beat every training session.

A – I will assess the kids and make drills based on their weaknesses and what is required to help them play as a good team overall. I will do exercises based on improving team chemistry because chemistry is something that separates most teams from being good and great. Some ways to practice team chemistry are just bonding as team in general. It will get the kids to be comfortable with each other and will lead to effective communication on the field. I believe that by setting up events other than practice will be an effective way to improve communication and chemistry within the team.

R – This goal is important to me because I want others to be successful in something the enjoy doing. It also helps me develop my leadership skills because I a coach I am responsible for taking care of the kids as well as guiding them.

T – I am looking to start my goal during the summer around June, when the outdoor soccer seasons starts. I will complete my goal by the end of the soccer season in August. Before the seasons starts, I will look for effective drills for youth soccer players.

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The Challenges of a Business Analyst

The job of a Business Analyst is to provide their clients with solutions to problems and improvements to their current methods of operation. Being a Business Analyst can be great however, they will face challenges at times.

One obstacle that a Business Analyst can face is conflict between themselves and their client. A good example of this is, a client seeing a proposal made in a different perspective than the Business Analyst. This occurs when the Business Analyst attempts to adjust some procedures taken by a company but, the client disagrees with the suggestion. The client may not accept the proposal because they may believe that their current methods of operation are working effectively for them. Their views on the future of the company may not be the same as the Business Analyst. An effective way in dealing with this issue can be seeing why the client has a different view on the proposal. It may be because the Business Analyst has missed some crucial information. Also, the Business Analyst can just develop a healthier relationship with their client. This will allow for the client to trust the advice given by the Business Analyst to be good. The client will also benefit from a strong bond because the Business Analyst will work their hardest to help them. Additionally, the Business Analyst can discuss what benefits their idea will bring to the client. Although, the Business Analyst must be open-minded and not refuse any suggestions made by the client. They should not think that their proposal cannot have any flaws. At the end of the day, the Business Analyst’s priority is to make sure the client is in consensus.

Furthermore, another challenge a Business Analyst can face is taking more information than required. Gathering an excessive amount of information from a client will lead to confusion and will disrupt both the Business Analyst’s and the clients schedule. Whenever this occurs, the Business Analyst will face difficulties in creating an effective solution to the problem that is presented. A Business Analyst may be collecting to much information when they repetitively ask questions, collect more information than necessary and just extend the overall analysis period. A good way to solve this issue is by improving prioritization. This way, the most important details and facts will be taken into account. Also, the Business Analyst should be organized. If possible, they can write brief notes on the information they receive and tag it along with artifacts or any other paperwork. This will allow for them to easily access whatever they need without going through the hassle of reading through everything. It will also reduce confusion.

All in all, these issues will eventually be presented in a Business Analyst's job. Though, the benefits of the job outweigh the minor obstacles.