The Refugees Crisis every where

Who is going to help them?

The Journal of Shair

I recently asked a boy if he has anything in his bag, he given my his journal, the journal of his life in the war. Read his Journal in the bottom of the pictures. The Syrian refugees are in some major problems in the far east. People in camps are crouded and they are frightend of a man named "Bashar al-assad". He send his warnings aross his countary. He send specail bombs to his own people. The syrain refugees are suffering.

The Journal

Sahir Iran

I lived in Haifa in the shore of Syria, I'm twelve years old and my name is Haifa Iman. Being in the cities isn't so bad, I get to see the lake and some day I wish that I could go sailing through the ocean. I always dreamed of going to the ocean, my family called me to go on wedding. My aunt is getting married, I'm getting dressed for my Aunts wedding, I'm stepping outside to go with my parents. We are taking a boat to go to a special place for the wedding. We we're on the boat, it was refreshing, the water sparkled and the fish are swimming with us.

We are making it to the shore until we hear something, fire flying and sentinels are are everywhere. My parents pushed my into the water, I watch how the sentinels are flying into my parents. My parents finally fall into me. I swim back up and saw the wedding destroyed, I started to get on the boat. Then I started to find my way back to the city but the city was on fire too. I started to land on the deck, a man ran into me, he said" Kid what are you doing here, you should get going. Go to the boat, we are going to Turkey." The people are rushing to the arriving boat, people are crowded and they keep stacking them into themselves. I went to the boat but I couldn't move. The boat started to sail, I was in the boat for many days. People give me a rasen of food for me to survive. We made it to the shore of Turkey. A camp was put in place, I stayed in the camp for 2 weeks or so. I'm hoping that I would have a family again at my new home.
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Bashar al-assad

Bashar al-assad is a dictator for Syria. He's in charge of the bombing weaponry to bomb his own people. He is also a reminder of another dictator named Hitler. He did the exact same thing as Bashar al-assad.

Turkey and Egypt

Refugees are moving either Turkey or Egypt. Turkey has many homes but low in income, in Egypt they have a chance of getting more money but expensive rent fee.