Cottonwood Creek Cougar Chronicle

December 1, 2018

Your help is needed!

Drop Off and Pick Up Lane

In order to help ensure the safety of everyone, I'd like to ask for your help in our parent drop-off and pick-up lane. If we all follow these guidelines, I believe it will run smoothly and efficiently.

Below are a few reminders to help our drop-off and pick-up lane run smoothly.

  • The inside lane has a red curb and there are no parking signs along the the curb. Therefore, you must remain in your car at all times. If you need to get out of your car, please utilize our parking lot or available street parking.
  • When using the drop-off/pick-up lane, please pull all the way forward (to the 2nd crosswalk or behind the car in front of you) before dropping off and/or picking up your children.
  • Please do not drop off your children at the entrance to the parking lot. Instead, please let your children out of the car when you are between the two crosswalks. Our staff is positioned between the crosswalks to help between 7:45-8:00 and again from 2:45-3:00.
  • The outside lane is to be used for leaving the parking lot. Please do not use the outside lane to move to the front of the line.
  • Please use the drop-off and pick-up lane for that purpose, and reserve the parking lot and nearby parking lots for parking. The parking lot and nearby parking lots are not intented to be used as a drop-off and pick-up lane.

Crosswalks on Orchard Road

Our crossing guards are there to help everyone cross Orchard Road safely. Please remember that anyone using the crosswalk should remain on the side until the guard is in the middle of the road. Once the guard is in the center, you may then cross the street safely. Our guards will stay in the street until all are safely on the sidewalks. Once all are on the sidewalks, cars may then proceed through the intersections. The guards are there to help those crossing the street but are not here to direct traffic. However crossing cards do report traffic violations. For example, if you fail to stop completely, make an illegal turn, park illegally, or speed through the school zone the guards are instructed to complete a traffic violation form. Our main goal is to help your children get to school safely and to make sure our crossing guards are safe at all times as well.

Safety is always my number one priority, so I appreicate your attention to this matter.

Please Join Us!

In response to our last School Accountability Committee (SAC) Meeting, we will be having a parent information night on January 17th from 6-7pm. We will be discussing the important topic of school safety, and our Security Coordinator, Mr. Steve Wallisch with be joining us. We hope to provide more detailed information about safety in our school.

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A message fron our Specials Team

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The PE Post It

Happy Holidays COT Families,

Greetings from the P.E. classroom! Hope everyone is finding ways to stay active during the winter months. Please be sure to have your student(s) pack their tennis shoes for P.E. as I know many wear their boots to school. All grade levels will be enjoying the sport of Basketball before the holiday break. We will be working on dribbling, passing, and team games.

A big shout out to the parents that joined us for Health and Wellness Career Month! It was great to have you in the P.E. classroom and students enjoyed hearing about your profession!

Stay active and well this holiday season,

Ms. Jehn

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