Mr. Musser's 4th Grade

Web 2.0 Chrome Creations Created by Sensational Students!

Minecraft Used for a Digital Diorama

Logan S. Native American Project
Logan used Minecraft to create a virtual diorama showing and explaining the lives of the Eastern Woodland Native Americans.
Students created glogs (digital posters) to share information about a particular concept or topic taught.

PowToon Video Used For Math Concepts

Two Digit multiplication
Aria created this video using PowToon to show other students the steps when multiplying two digit by two digit numbers.
The following Blogs were created by Aria to showcase the different books/ series she enjoys reading. She wanted to be able to share her reading experiences with others.

Geronimo Stilton Blog

Becon Street Girls

Powtoon Used for a Public Service Announcement

Math Help
Brendan created this Powtoon as a public service announcement telling students not to be scared of asking questions.
The following programs were created using Khan Academy. Students started by learning the basics of code by drawing shapes and embedding images.
Students then took the next step and learned how to add animations and functions to their programs. Take a look at the programs below.