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Week of May 9, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Information for the week

Amazing Week

Last week was another successful week at Raby. ACT, Decision Day, Pre-Law Mock Trial, Mother's Day Brunch, GSA Prom, AP Testing, and the One Goal Personal Statement Writing Session were all held last week. Thanks for working so hard to ensure that our students are supported in every area at Raby.

PARCC Testing

We will have PARCC testing for 9th grade students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please limit passes for students. We want to maintain an appropriate testing environment. See Michelle's Message for more details.

CAHN Principal Fellowship

As you know, I always encourage staff members to celebrate their successes. We have tough jobs so we have to be sure to take time to celebrate our hard work. I am excited to announce that I was selected to participate as a CAHN fellow which is a year long intensive learning fellowship for principals. I am excited about the opportunity. While reading an article this week, the author reminded readers of the importance of educators continuing their own professional learning.

Welcome Aboard

This week, we will have Mr. Snoody joining us a member of our Diverse Learning team. Please stop by the DL suite to say hello and welcome him to the team.


Guess who will be back this week? MRS. HOLMBERG!!!! We cannot wait to welcome her back with warm greetings.

Chicago State Free Course

Mr. Johnson recently earned a free course at Chicago State University. He has agreed to allow one of his colleagues to use it. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP so we can complete the paper work.

Passes and student entry

Students are not allowed to leave class without passes. Also, students should not be given passes to run errands (such as the office or to speak with other teachers) during class time. Please do not deny students access to class without reason. If they are not allowed to enter your class, the office must be notified. Students should not be left outside the doors of classes. If you are having any challenges with any students in this area, please let me, Coach D or Mrs. Harrell know so that we can provide additional support.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the biological moms and to all of the women who mother our students each day. You are appreciated and loved.

I would like to commend one of our special "Raby Moms", Chinelle Burrage. One of our students recently lost his mom and Chinelle has been taking the time to mentor him during this difficult time. One she found out how me he loved dogs, she called K-9 University and shared his struggles and asked if he could intern there. Not only did they allow him to intern, they gave him a paying job. How awesome is that? It is the seemingly small things that we are willing to do that can change our students' lives. Chinelle you are awesome! Thank you for going beyond the call of duty for our kids.

Have a great week!

Dr. Skanes