You Drink You Stink.....

The negative effects of abusing alcohol


Alcoholism is a chronic disease that is either inherited from a parent when they give birth. It also could affect somebody with what enviroment they are in. Alcoholism is when someone could not stop drinking alcohol and they are addicted. Without alcohol, they would start having physical and mental problems. Unfortunetly, there is no cure for alcoholism, but there are support groups for help and suggestions.

Problems with Family Relationships

Problems with family relationships occur when someone has alcoholism or it can just be if someone is drinking alcohol. When someone is addicted to alcohol it can effect someones grades, which might make someones mom or dad upset at them because of it. Also it might make ones loved ones worried about the person because alchohol can do damage to the person. Also someones husband or wife can be missing work and get fired which can hurt how the family lives.

Impaired Health

 When someone drinks alcohol a short or long period of time they can have impaired health. If some one drinks alcohol for a long period of time they can get Cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver is when the liver starts growing scar tissues instead of growing healthy liver cells. Alcohol aslo kills brain cells over a long period of time. People can also get other diseases like cancer of the mouth and esophagus. Alcohol also raises blood pressure and shrinks the heart. These diseases and symptoms can be very serious and potentially life threatening.

Loss of Motor Control

When someone drinks alcohol it is ilegal to drive because it does damage to you. The alchohol makes you have blury vision, which makes it hard to see. Therefore, the person can have a car accident. One of the ways people even get in the car is because alcohol can give you a poor self concept to decide what to do and what is the right thing. You can also get arrested for drinking and driving.
This website helps people with alcoholism and helps people who abuse alcohol.
Zach Saracino                                                                                                C Even