cool technology sold here

KAMAH: We sell cool technology.

Our store sells all of the best technology powered by electromagnetic induction. Here you can find all kinds of products that use electric and magnetic forces to function. The principles that we apply today in our superior technology are those that Tesla discovered in the late nineteenth century. Energy can be converted into useful electricity when a magnetic field acts on an electric field. This can be done in a generator and which can provide power for our special and effective motors. Electromagnetism is an important part of today's world, and our electromagnetic products are better than anyone else's.

Our Superior Products

Heat Induction Cooktop

Our cooktops are top of the line! If you want to look rich and snobby, buy one of these. Not only will you impress your friends, but you can explain to them how you had to purchase special cookware for your cooktop to work and how that makes you feel as if you are a member of an exclusive club, perhaps the Illuminati. They will be so proud of you for knowing about the system of magnets and conductive metals in your new cooktop, since your cooking skills have proven useless. And an extra bonus for the wives, this cooktop is super easy to clean!

Electric Car

This electric car is specially imported from the hidden factories of Iowa. Your coworkers will be super interested in your electric guitar and how it helps the environment, but mostly how much gas money it will save them if they decide to copy you. Now you can use wireless charging instead of a plug so that you don't have to carry the burden of bending down ever again. Sure, this car is more expensive than the gourmet food you buy for your 37 cats every month, buy it will save you time, money, and back pain! Just make sure you remember to park your car over the metal rods, magnets, and coils you had to pay someone to install under your driveway, and your car will be charged by the magnetic field that is creating energy in no time! Enjoy posing as someone who cares more about the ecosystem than you actually do, you stuck up snob.


When our CEO told us we had to create a new product or our store would be shut down, we knew we had to come up with something that would sell easily, and decided to cater to students of all ages. Are you tired of having a real life teacher? Does your teacher have too many emotions? We have the solution! We now are selling the brand new electric teacher! This robot creature charges using the magnets in the floor in the wires in its feet. The magnets create a force on the electric field so that your teacher is always able to answer your questions or make you a sandwich. And the best part is that there is an easily accessible OFF switch for when you tire of learning. Just let us know which teachers you want us to replace and our workers will be happy to ship them to Soviet Siberia, and install the charging floor in your classroom.