The Caldecott Award

Hayes Harrell

The Biggest Bear

The Biggest Bear is a about a boy named Johnny who find a baby bear in the woods when he is hunting. So, he takes the bear back to his cabin and keeps it as his pet. After a while the bear gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as he gets bigger so does his appetite and Johnny must return the bear to the woods.

The Biggest Bear won the Caldecott Award in 1953.

I think the authors purpose is to entertain kids of all ages.

I think that The Biggest Bear won the Caldecott award because it has great illustrations and its a great mix between a adventure book and a comedy book but over it just a entertaining book.

The Biggest Bear - Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward was an American artist and story teller, known for his series of wordless novels using wood engraving, and his illustrating for juvenal and adult books. His wordless novels have influenced the development of the graphic novel.

Some interesting facts about Lynd Ward

He named his son after the rural town of Lyndhurst, located in the south coastal county of Hampshire, where he had lived for two years as a teenager prior to his emigration.

Ward was early drawn to art, and decided to become an artist when his first-grade teacher told him that "Ward" spelled backward is draw.

Lynd Kendall Ward was born on June 26, 1905, in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Harry F. Ward, was born in Chiswick, England, in 1873; the elder Ward was a Methodist who moved to the United States in 1891 after reading the progressive Social Aspects of Christianity.

Soon after birth, Ward developed tuberculosis; his parents took him north of Sault Ste. Marie in Canada for several months to recover.

Lynd Ward's full name is Lynd Kendall Ward.

The Biggest Bear v.s This is not my Hat

The Biggest Bear is different than This is not my hat because one book takes place at the sea and the other takes place in a forest. However these books do have something in common, they both steal something. Johnny steals a cub from the woods and the fish steals a hat from the bigger fish.