Juvenile Deliquents turn Heroes

By: Aniyah Guillen

Burning Fire

BREAKING NEWS! A sudden huge break of fire started in an abandoned church in Windrixville near Jay Mountain. Our sources say a small group of children were having a picnic nearby when the fire had started. There were 2 boys that rushed into the church and saved all of the children leaving them in bad conditions. The boys were then rushed to the hospital and were questioned at the arrival. A witness says "Two brave boys rolled up in a thunderbird car and couldn't have been any older the 19 at the most. They had seen the fire and asked what was happening. Next thing you know they're running into the burning building to rescue the rest of the children trapped. They thankfully got all the children out but one didn't make it out. One thing after the next another boy comes and grabs the other out of the burning building. I don't think I've ever seen a group of boys so gallant."
The names the boys who were involved were Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston. Curtis and Cade had actually mysteriously disappeared a week before this event. It was found that they were both wanted for the murder of a young teen boy, Bob Sheldon, and were currently being looked for. The oldest boy, Johnny Cade was heard to be in the hospital with serious conditions and a broken back.
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What's Going to Happen?

I believe that it is still being decided, whether he recovers or not, what the judge will do to them. Another thing discovered was that Curtis was living with his 2 eldest brothers and that they may or may not be taken and separated from each other. We all have numerous amounts of questions such as; what the court plans to do? Will Cade survive the brutal and serious conditions caused from the fire? Will the Curtis brothers be separated after this ordeal?
In my opinion I believe that certain charges still be held against him but not horrible ones like life in prison, or being killed. I hope that the young boy hurt in the fire recovers and lives a long healthy life.