Move to Connecticut

By: Dakota D.

Come to Connecticut!!

You should come to Connecticut! Connecticut has fertile and good farming land. We are able to grow plenty of crops and food. Connecticut also has many jobs, like farming, fishing, shipbuilding, whaling, and many more!! In Connecticut you will always have a place to work. Connecticut has lots of puritans living there because they moved here for more freedom to do things they liked or wanted. Connecticut is self governed, so you don't have to worry about laws made by anybody else. Connecticut is open to anybody seeking new settlement.

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Don't go to Georgia!

You do not want to go to Georgia! In Georgia the geography and climate make it hard to farm to grow crops and get food. In Georgia there are very few jobs, the only jobs there are farming, trade, and skilled labor that requires experience doing the jobs. In Georgia there is many different faiths and very diverse groups, this could cause fighting and arguments between religious groups in the colony.

You don't want to go to Virginia!!

Don't go to Virginia! In Virginia most of the land is coastal lowlands and wooded mountains, this makes Virginia a very bad place for farming and it could be hard to grow crops and get food. You also don't want to go to Virginia because most of the people that live here either own lots of land here or are skilled laborers like bricklayers, tailors, and shoemakers that come to Virginia seeking profit. If you can't do one of these things then it may be hard to find work in Virginia.