Make your way to Sumer!

Why Sumer is the place for you! By: Riley Ross

Sumer is the creators of bronze!

Have you wanted the most beautiful jewelry and metalwork ever known to man? Sumer has just what you need! Indulge into beautiful bronze metalwork. Bronze is a mixture of tin and copper that corrodes less than copper and can be used in trade.
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Cuneiform is used in Sumer and can satisfy your creative writing wants!

Cuneiform is a system of writing developed by the Sumerians! If you have every had trouble keeping track of all the trades you made or wanted to express your emotions through writing then Sumer has what you need!

Have the career of your dreams!

There are many careers to choose from in Sumer! The options are endless! There is always room to expand in the career fields of artisans, farmers, preists, and more!
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All of you farmers out there haven't had amazing crops until you have grown them out of the most fertile silt in the area: The Sumerian silt!

This silt comes straight from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers where Sumer is located and makes your soil amazingly fertile so you can grow the best crops and have the best growing season imaginable!

Ever get bored of the same boring materials & objects? There are new inventions frequently in Sumer!

Sumerians have created the sun dial, wagon wheel, the number system by 60, and much, much more! There are very creative and skilled workers in Sumer that always are looking to invent something that will help our society!
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