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Date Joined The European Union

Finland joined the European Union in 1995. Finland was not a founder of the European Union.

History of Finland

Finland was a part of a different country before it came it's own country in 1917.It was a part of Sweden for 7 centuries. Finland became its own independent country following the Russian revolution in 1917.

Where is Finland located?

Finland is located in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea , Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland, and between Sweden and Russia. The coordinates are 64 00 N and 26 00 E.

What do the flag colors Represents?

The blue represents the thousands of lakes scattering across Finland and the blue skys, the white represents the snow that covers the land in the winter.
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Finland Government Type

Finland is republic. Which republic means a represent democracy in which the people's elected their representatives.

What Is Finland Currency Type?

Finland currency at the moment is Euros, but before Euros it was Markka until 1860's.

What should people go see or do in Finland?

You should go look at the wonderful lakes that Finland has to provide since the blue in their flag represents their lakes. Maybe go skiing, dog sledding, or some thing that has to do with snow since the white in their flag represents the snow.

Capital and Major Cities

Physical Features of Finland

Fun Facts About Finland!

Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe.Finland has a president which is Sauli Niinisto. One more interesting fact about Finland is that only 6% of their population speaks swedish.