North-way News

Finding Our Way Back in Time

The Stage Is Set for Future Learning

At the start of the academic year, students reviewed the continents and oceans and moved into exploring the five themes of geography; place, location, region, human environmental interaction, and movement. From there we looked at the job of an archaeologist and dating artifacts using timelines. We discussed the reliability of sources of information by categorizing those sources into primary versus secondary sources. Finally, students had the opportunity to travel back in time to a more challenging era.

Sticks and Stones

Highlights of the Stone Age were the artifacts left behind such as early tools, weapons, bones, and cave painting. After examining ancient items and giving our viewpoints on their use, we explored the theories of how people found their way to all parts of the globe. Prehistory is fascinating because all theories are fair game. No one knows the real truth because nothing was written down for us to review. Thinking and creativity are encouraged. Come up with your own theory!

The News from Mesopotamia is "Flooding" In

Stay tuned as we move from the Neolithic Age into the development of more highly organized societies such as Mesopotamia. What makes the Fertile Crescent such a desirable place to start a civilization? What elements of society are needed to have a true civilization? That is what we are about to determine as the second quarter begins.

Students will be using their new on-line textbooks to research and learn about the civilizations of the river valleys. Similarly, there will be a number of flipped videos on google classroom. If students do not have access to the internet at home, they are able to use it during study halls or pathways here at school. These are new ways of learning and using our technology. Happy learning!