John's Random Thoughts 5/8/16

My porch light flickered ...

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Yesterday (7 May 2016) I exchanged my boat ramp key ...

Really it was the only reason I went to the river (too wet and cloudy in the morning). Was not planning to spend the night and didn't. Not writing about the key exchange or the poor weather. I pay three times what some are paying for Frontier Internet. Not writing about that either. Not even going to go there and ... complain about ... there was never suppose to be WIFI at River Bend (that's a lost cause with Frontier in the drivers seat ... shoving it to RBMC).

Hey Lucy ... our Internet isn't working.

So I grab my phone and ... a few clicks later ... my porch light flickered. All this feeling good about my MOBILE FRIENDLY advancements the past 5 years ...

What I have done ain't worth a hoot if you don't have Internet at the river.

My porch light flickered ... I was lost without Internet at the river.

I was left with Facebook. Could not reach anything else. Going to Facebook I realized I have been merging Facebook INTO the Internet. It doesn't work like that. Communication (without Internet) ... communication in and out of River Bend ... MUST be merging the Internet INTO FACEBOOK. So ... (I hate Facebook but find it a necessary evil) ... Facebook you win.


Did I get it straighten out? Heck no. First time I had to try and explain to a Frontier Call Center ... I'm sure in another part of the world ... that I DON'T HAVE a West Virginia phone number, just Internet that I pay three times what some Riverbenders pay. NO PHONE and my Frontier Internet is not working. NOPE ... still no Internet. NO idea where to turn next. Later.


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To: Wife Lucy
Sent: Monday, May 9, 2016 11:14:29 AM

Techy called. We have Internet. It was a break in the line outside that I missed on Saturday when I walked it. Oh ... Heads up. Frontier can only "ping" their modems. Recall Frontier modem fried and we installed an Apple modem. Techy certain we are OK. REALLY GREAT FRONTIER Techy Service.

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