By: Ashlyn Sutton


Who lives here?

German people

Average income in Germany

$47, 627.4


Germany's climate is moderate with no longer periods of cold or warm weather.


Seventh most visited country

Tourist Attraction

Berlin Wall (manmade)

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Berlin Wall

Cultural Information

Pop Culture

German TV shows and movies used to be good, but they aren't anymore. Most of the German actors end up working in Hollywood.

Current music

German pop music seems to be dominated by retro songs these days, and many pop culture criticism articles complain about the lack of innovation in pop music.

Famous People

Jauchim Gauck- President of Germany

Random Facts

- At the age of 14 you can start drinking as long as you have an adult there with you

- College is free

Political Information


The Celts are said to have been the first inhabitants of Germany. They were eventually followed by German tribes. German invasions destroyed the declining Roman Empire in the 4th century

Famous Historical Event

In 1618-1648, the Thirty Years' War was fought almost entirely in Germany


Germany is a republic with a parliamentary democracy and a bicameral system of government.

President of Germany- Jauchim Gauck

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Culinary Contribution

- In Germany, potatoes are very common. There are a lot of different recipes that include potatoes

- Seafood stew

- Eel soup

- Soups of dried beans

- Different types of bread

- Bratwurst

- Sauerkraut

- Soft pretzels

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- Germany is the third largest exporter and importer in the world

- Much of Germany's exports focuses on industrially produced goods and services.


- Sauerkraut and bratwurst is very popular in Germany

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Fun Facts

- The government can (and will) reject any weird baby names

- Everything is closed on Sundays

- It's bad luck to wish someone a "Happy Birthday" before their actual birthday