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January 2016

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New Year's Resolutions

What professional New Year's resolution are you committed to fulfilling? Share them here and let's help keep each other accountable.

Look Who Earned Flair in December!!

Way to go Sema Adkar, Suzi Craddock, Erin Crews, Joyce Tamez, Nikky Bissonnette, Kim Campbell, Christopher Felleisen, and Chris Tarbet on earning some flair.

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Christine's Corner

It is hard for me to express in writing how excited I am for the upcoming mLISD roll out. Knowing that every 6th grade student is about to receive a device where they will continue the learning from school to home has me smiling from ear to ear. I have confessed from the beginning that finances will not be a barrier, and I will keep my word on that. I am 100% committed to ensure that every student at Leander Middle School will receive a device.

Google Corner: Cropping YouTube Video

YouTube is a great tool to use in the classroom, but sometimes you don't want students to have to video the entire video. Check out these tools you can use to crop those YouTube videos.

Chris's Corner

I’m not getting any kickbacks from Twitter, that’s for sure. I want to assure you of that before I start bragging about Twitter as my number one source for finding practical, theoretical, and philosophical musings about the world of education. It’s by no means a new idea, but I’ve recently embraced Twitter as the driver behind the majority of my professional development. Instead of only learning about the topics that coordinators and facilitators direct me to, I can now easily stay informed about current trends and research that directly affects my daily practice as an instructional coach and teacher.

Before bed, I grab my phone and see what ideas are being shared across the world of education. With only 140 characters allowed, I can quickly assess if the topic is something that I want to learn more about, and if so, I choose the link that’s usually provided. A few of my favorites include @edutopia, @educationweek, @TEDtalks, and @usedgov. I also follow LMS and the school district to ensure that I’m aware of many of the events that are occurring within our greater learning community.

There are an assortment of uses for Twitter, but I never really found it useful as a social or entertainment tool. As an educator, however, it has become a fundamental component of my professional growth.

Which Websites are Blocked for Students?

Here are the steps to see if a website is open or blocked for students:

  1. Copy the URL of the website in question
  2. Go to http://filter1.leanderisd.org:7080/swg/urlLookup.html
  3. Paste URL in URL field
  4. Keep selection as Default (this shows student view)
  5. Click Lookup
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Kelly Wants to Help!

Kelly is at LMS every Monday and Wednesday and wants to help with technology integration. Reach her via email kelly.fitzgerald@leanderisd.org, stop her in the hall, or drop by the Library Classroom.