Ben Franklin

Changing the world of technology

Birth/Death Info

Ben Franklin was born on warm sunny Sunday on January 17, 1706.

He was born in a very small house in a very quiet neighborhood.

He had 8 older brothers and sisters so he was neglected most of his life.

He died on April 17,1790 quietly in his home right beside his lovely wife.


Ben was one of 8 children so he grew up in a busy house,sometimes 13 at the dinner table.

He lived in a small rented house, and his dad made candles and candle wax for a living.

Ben started to work for his older brother when he was 12 in his print shop.

he learned to trade and everything and has loved poetry ever sense.


When Ben was 8 his dad sent him to ASouth Gramer School to prepare for a life as a minister.But sadly he was taken out of it because his dad could not pay for it.

He went to another cheaper school for one year and never went to school again.

Important Life Events

He thought that electricity consisted of two opposing forces acting on each other and he wanted to see if that was true.Franklin showed that electricity consisted of a common element called Electric Fire.It passed from one side to another without being destroyed.

Purpose of Event

Ben wanted to create light not just a magic trick or a spark of light, so he used lightning because it lit up. Ben suspected that lightning was an electrical current in nature, and he wanted to prove it so he used a piece of metal and it passed through his theory worked.


Ben Franklin had figured out that lightning was like was natures electricity, and ben also figured out that lightning was an electrical current and it could pass throug metal with its own two opposing forces not his own.
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